Christmas wreath making classes - various dates in groups of six at a time.
All socially distanced, wearing masks and gloves. Dates below in Christmas category.
Bookings made & paid for will be moved to a different type of class if we cannot fulfil the dates or classes due to Covid-19.
Look forward to seeing you all there Hannah.

Chislehurst : 020 8467 3518 / Sidcup : 020 8309 6686

Bloxhams Promise



Bloxhams Bespoke Service

With over 30 years combined Floristry experience the team have been trained to create stunning designs for our customers. We can literally make anything or create any atmosphere with the use of flowers.


Our flowers suit the season.

We hand-pick our flowers daily from a dutch auction and many other countries. Every flowers is possible to get at a surcharge due to seasonal changes, our team can help you with this!


Freshness Guarantee

Hannah and the Bloxhams team choose very carefully to buy the freshest A-Grade, quality flowers. 


Special Occasion Delivery

For that special occasion, we guarantee that all flowers leave us on time and are delivered well within your requested time.


English Flowers

We use a variation of English nurseries for our plants and cut flowers, all grown from seed. We try to support our local businesses.


Italian Flowers

Our high quality Italian flowers are generally purchased throughout the summer and can provide a longer lasting bouquet of freshness and beauty. They also allow us to provide gorgeous summer flowers in the winter!


Dutch Flowers

The dutch are renowned for 80% of the worlds flower produce, therefore they’re always coming up with new flower varieties and ideas. That is why so many wholesalers and florists shops use direct suppliers for their weekly stock.


Columbian Flowers

Since 2005 columbian roses have exploded on the london market with many dutch growers not being able to compete with columbian quality and price. These are called Ecuadorian roses.


Our shops

Hannah and the Bloxhams team carefully alternate the shop displays to suit the season or occasion. We pride ourselves on looking good and having a welcoming atmosphere before you’ve even walked in!


Bloxhams Customer Service

The Bloxhams team is always happy to help with your orders big or small! Please phone 020 8467 3518